White Sands National Park – August 2009

Hah, just thought I could finally post a fun story about New York again, using the moment of boredom in a productive way. But to be honest I can’t think of a single one at this time. However I realized since this side is called ‘somewhere around the world’, I might as well post pictures and stories from my weekend trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico to visit my friend Jana. It was AWESOME, most impressive was the camping in the White Sands National Park as it even provided a small aspect of adventure. Here some during the day pics, in the scorching heat. And I see white…..

P1030370 and the sand is.....white

From there, having organized our campsite for that night, a 0.7 mile hike along small poles sticking out of the sand here and there we leave to see the selenite crystals (gypsum) in Lake Lucero, origin of all this white sand. We were of course duly warned that intermittence to the National Park is until 10pm but the campsite has to be reached by sunset, which was at 8:10pm that day.

Lake Lucero P1030323 P1030340

Stupidly enough the tour was supposed to end by 8pm, with a 20-30 min drive back to the National Park. But we figured our flashlight and the remaining daylight till 8:45 should do fine to find the campsite and put up the tent.

Who could have known that the gate of the military compound we had to cross (the lake is on military area and can only be visited once a month in a convoy) is automatically regulated and the server conveniently down at the time of our return – waiting for a police patrol car to open the door manually. Which of course took up a considerable time of the calculated 30 min driving time (not to be exact 28 min). Great !!!! Hiking in the dessert where everything looks…..WHITE. But awesomely so, with a certain glow and this tiny sickle moon low above the dunes. So, pole hunt was the theme of the night. The first two were easy, already checked out during the day. Pole number three was there somewhere too, but pole four was nowhere to be seen and us starring up a wall of sand. Climbing up there???? That couldn’t be right. So why not put up the tent right here, makes no difference anyway as the difference to the campsite would have been the missing pole saying ‘campsite’, that way reducing the risk to get lost in neverland by 99%.

Are stars really that bright or was that owing to forbidden drinks? But how awesome is it to sleep outside and every time you wake up the first thing is ooooohhhhh – the stars. And the sunrise!!!!

Early morning






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