So now I have done three Safaris, all different from each other. Starting in Arusha, Tanzania, I went to Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire. Joining to girls on a booked Safari, we went in one of these nice Safari-Jeeps, with an open roof. Quiet expensive this way what can you do, traveling by your self. It was a great experience though. I had not expected that seeing wild animals is much different from seeing them in the zoo. Some people might love, but really what did I know. The pictures you see are great but unfortunately, if you don’t have a camera with a ridicules zoom, they are only for your memory. Amazing. Don’t know if I like zebras best or warthogs or maybe giraffes. They are just so cool. Graceful for the latter might be the right expression. We saw lions and then so many elephants in Tarangire, both animals with a different kind of beauty.

In Kenya I cycled through Hells Gate National Park. I did not see that many animals there, but if was scary to cycle past one lonely buffalo, who then decided to cross right in front our path, starring after us. More impressive was the attempted climb up to the Crater Lake. Attempted because the bike chain broke twice on the way, so there was no other option then going back to Fisherman’s Camp with a matatu. On the way you see signs : ‘Careful driving, wild animals crossing’ and ‘No trespassing’. And then suddenly you spot giraffes and zebras and impalas at the wayside. How cool is that!!! One impala decided to have a little competition with me, running, jumping right in front of me for 500m. No chance to catch up.

And then the trip to Kidepo Valley National Park. Five days in a remote park, basically all to ourselves. So beautiful. Animals were not that easy to spot which made it much more rewarding when you did. And we say lions, elephants, giraffes (quiet different from the ones in Tanzania) and more. Most incredibly we saw a heard of 500 buffalos, even more surprising was that we had to go looking for them. More then 500 buffalos and you have to go search them. STUNNING

Going on safaris is basically collecting pictures, one more beautiful then the other. Fill your mind with them and dig them out later, you’ll be surprised.

So now only camping in a National Park remains on the list. Walking around in the park (the car close by) is quiet exciting to, but waking up in the middle of nowhere, with only ashes remaining at the fireside from the night before and strange footprints around….


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