last post

So, the trip is finally and sadly enough coming to an end. Flying out from Entebbe tonight:( But don’t worry. There will be lots of pictures here once I am back in Berlin


not so bad Nairobbery

So, after spending three nights here, I have to say I really like this city. Surprisingly or maybe because of the prejudice. It does feel god being here. Will take the train to Kisumu tonight. Everyone is asking if I want to visit Obamas fathers birthplace – noo, I am not as crazy as you guys. I think one day Kenya will wake up to a very bad surprise that not even Obama can do magic. After all, he’s American, not Kenyan.

On the way to Nairobi

I am leaving Lamu tomrrow morning, heading for NAirobi. Lets see how that turns out. And lets hope that Barrak Obama wins on Tuesday, as I want to go to a promised election party in Nairobi. If not, I otherways stay far from the US embassy I guess. Evryone is just so excited here for Obama to fin. So cross your fingers.

Oh, and sorry for not putting up any photos recently. There’s a bug on my SD card, hope this problem gets solved soon