Back from Safari

I am impressed I have to say. I didn’t know watching wildlife can be that beautiful. I want more!!! Just coming back from a two day safari to the Ngorongor Crater and Tangire. More wasn’t possible as Tanzania is damn expensive. But there is still Kenya ahaid. But first bus rides and hopefully boat trips to Lamu


Off to Burundi

So, this is the last account from Rwanda. I am heading out to Bujumbura, Burundi tomorrow morning at 7am. It’s supposed to be very beautiful and I will be in good company. Friends from the girls here in the house are Burundians and one of them is going home for the weekend. So, I guess I will be well taken care off. It was already announced that my stay will include clubbing and beach time. Sounds great, heah:) So one more account of Rwanda next on the next page…