White Sands National Park – August 2009

Hah, just thought I could finally post a fun story about New York again, using the moment of boredom in a productive way. But to be honest I can’t think of a single one at this time. However I realized since this side is called ‘somewhere around the world’, I might as well post pictures and stories from my weekend trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico to visit my friend Jana. It was AWESOME, most impressive was the camping in the White Sands National Park as it even provided a small aspect of adventure. Here some during the day pics, in the scorching heat. And I see white…..

P1030370 and the sand is.....white

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The thrill of a snowy day in New York

How good can a day get when you wake up on a Monday morning and the sky is grey? What follows is the description of a typical -every other day- day in New York City. It’s late, 8:30, I am still in bed and the sky is grey – it’s snowing. Did I mention it’s January?  So, no surprise there. Only that is was plus ten Celsius yesterday and will probably be again tomorrow. Hm, snow is not so bad… By the time I leave the house, of course as always worried about my looks, so I had decided to wear the black pair of lace-ups matching the color of my sweater (I could have worn the brown boots, but – well, they did not match…) the snow is melting. Melting snow…uuui, should I go up to the sixth floor and get my boots? Hm, should work out without….The hurdle at the first corner is taken, only 12 more, one for each block. Ankle deep, ice cold water at each crossing. Continue reading “The thrill of a snowy day in New York”

New York – a first

So, after Africa it’s now New York. I thought of using the same webpage to share some insides on living in the big apple. As for now, I haven’t written anything, busy settling in, but now that my internet seems to be working more frequently, I hope to be able to share some stories and pictures with whomever is interested. Trying at the same time to get most of the techniques of this website :). So, have some fun!